5 Active Signs Of Labour You Should Aware Of

If your baby scan clinic already confirmed your due date, and as the due date come closer, it is natural to feel every cramp, pain as a sign of labor. You start to wonder if this is a sign of labor. It can be a false labor sign, and altogether it can be very confusing. So, I suggest you not to worry about this and let’s go through with the real and false labor signs first.

False Signs Of Labor:

  1. Irregular and unpredictable cramps and contractions.
  2. There will be no blood.
  3. Contractions are felt as a generalized abdominal tightening.

Real Signs Of Labor:

  1. Contractions will increase and decrease with fetal activity.
  2. Cramps and increase the back pain
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Weight gaining will stop.
  5. Vaginal discharge with blood.
  6. Stronger contractions.
  7. Water breaks.

Early Active Signs Of Labour:

It is difficult to define between the real labor signs and false labor signs. But you can realize a subtle change in your body when you are near about the labor.

  1. Diarrhea & Nausea:
    Remember the morning sickness? During the third trimester, many women can experience gastrointestinal upset. Nausea and vomiting happen in the final weeks of pregnancy. It could be the early signs of labor.
  2. Stronger Contractions:
    At the last week of your pregnancy, the cramp and contraction will be stronger and more intense than before. Real labor contractions begin from your lower back and lower belly combined with pressure in the pelvis.
  3. Increase Lower Back Pain:
    Contractions will begin from the lower back and move forward to the pelvis. Lower back pain will increase and eventually it can be intense. Increasing lower back pain is also a true labor sign.
  4. Vaginal Discharge With Blood:
    When your mucus plug is expelled, some of the surrounding blood vessels may burst and it can lead to vaginal bloody discharge. Bloody discharge is also a sign of labor sign. However, if you notice a lot of blood, let your doctor know.
  5. Water Break:
    A water break is what when your membranes of the amniotic sac burst out. You will feel a gushing sensation when water will start to break. You may feel like you are peeing. If you can’t control the water leaking, then it is the time for your labor. Water breaking, along with a stronger contraction is the biggest sign of labor. Call your doctor immediately if water breaks happen.

Visit your baby scan clinic timely to make sure your baby is completely fine. If you are in doubt, call your doctor and keep in mind that if your contractions continue to get longer, stronger and closer together, it is probably the real thing!

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